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Présentation du jeu Boom Beach

Message par Casta83 le Ven 14 Fév 2014, 05:23

Okay, If you haven't heard yet, there is a new game made by Supercell called "Boom Beach". The game is currently in beta and only available through the Canadian AppStore. (Yes I do live in the US, but have the game. Creepyvishnasomething)

At first glance, it seems very similar to CoC, which is fairly true, but there are many differences. It is a bunch of fun, the attacking is quite different from CoC, Ill describe all the aspects of the game in this thread.

Base and Defenses
So your base is on an Island. Just like CoC you are free to arrange your base as you desire. Of course there is some strategy to this, and I'll leave that up to you. I'm sure as more people start to play many more strategies will evolve. There are currently 9 types of defenses. I have only built two of these defenses so I'm not going to say anything about them, but I will post pictures of them all.

My Base (Been playing for a bit under a day now)


So you have something called a battle ship, it is fairly unique, somewhat similar to spells in some ways, but very different in other aspects. You start with a certain amount of ammunition, so far I have unlocked 3 different capabilities for the gunship, one is a Missile (sort-of the same idea as a lightning spell), second there is a smoke bomb, which allows you to control where the troops go, the more you upgrade it the longer it will last. The smoke bomb is very useful against certain bases to guide troops to or around defenses. You can either shoot the smoke bomb at plain land o guide your troops there, or shoot it at a specific building to have your troops target said building.The last gunship ability I have unlocked so far is the Med Kit, it is the same idea as a heal spell, with a relatively small radius. As you destroy buildings you receive more ammo for the gunship, but with each use of a gunship weapon that weapon's price increases a bit. The gunship itself can be upgraded, what this upgrade does is increase your starting ammo.

Now onto the troops, there are 5 different troops. So far I only have 2 unlocked, one is a rifleman who is essentially an archer. The second troop, simply called "heavy" is the same idea as a giant. Them there is a "zooka" who seems to be like a wizard (I'll know in about 4.5 hrs once unlock her). After that there is a warrior who seems to be an entirely new troop, in the description it says he is a melee troop (not ranged) the only troop in the game that isn't ranged there is no specification one whether or not he heals other troops. The description says that he heals himself as he attacks. The last troop is a tank, which from the description and stats seems like a ranged pekka. Your troops are held on upgradable boats (basically an army camp). It seems like a boat can only hold one type of troops, and you deploy a boat, not troops individually.

Here is a link to an album with all the troops and their stats:

So far I have unlocked two resources, but there appears to be 4 resources. There is gold which is used to attack bases, expand land, and upgrade troops (so gold is essentially comparable to elixir in CoC). Then there is wood which is used to upgrade buildings (comparable to gold in CoC). The other two resources are stone and iron, however I haven't unlocked them and don't know what they are used for.

You can get resources four ways. You can use gems to purchase resources. You can win resources by battling. You can gain resources from mines in the games, called Residences (makes gold), Sawmill (produces wood), Quarries (produces stone), and Mines (produces iron). The last way of acquiring resources is from villages that you have conquered (that do not belong to other players). When you defeat a plain "single player" base you that island will then produce a small amount of gold for you, transported every now and then to your village by a boat. The other type of non-player base is called a resource base (unlike the other bases you conquer, you can visit a resource base), once you conquer a resource base you can move around the buildings and defenses on the base, just like it belongs to you. Resource bases will also supply you with resources via boat, as the name implies.

Expanding The Map
In the map, which you use for attacking there is an option to "unclear" certain areas cover by clouds. You pay to expand your area with gold (it gets pretty expensive). When you uncover areas you will find single player bases and multiplayer base, and if you're lucky, a treasure chest containing a random amount of gems. Eventually you will not be able to expand anymore with gold, and you need to upgrade a building called "Radar" to allow further exploration. When you defeat a single player base it becomes your and helps with resource protection. These bases can be conquered and can be regained. When you are defeated by another player you have the option to attack them (Their island will appear somewhere on your map). You can attack a base as many times until you successfully defeat it.

Here is the map, I have unlocked all areas available with Radar 4, but the areas cost gold to explore.

The attacking in Boom Beach is very much like CoC, there is 40 seconds given to you before the battle starts, and you have 4 minutes for the actual battle. Troops can be deployed only in a certain area at the edge of the island on the beach area. When you deploy troops, a boat and all the troops on it is deployed at once. You can guide troops with smoke bombs, destroy and damage buildings with missiles, and heal troops with med kits. This is probably the biggest feature of attacking, once you destroy their enemy Headquarters (like a Town Hall) all other buildings on the island are destroyed and the battle is won. There are no stars, you win the battle by destroying the headquarters. All troops that are not killed in battle are available in your camps for the next attack. If the outcome of your battle looks glum you can retreat, and all troops that make it back to your boats alive are available to use in your next attack.

Here is a folder of images showing the attacking interface:

Other Important Features
One big aspect, there do not seem to be shields in the game just from being attacked. Just recently I was under something called "online protection , I assume it was something like a shield, but am unsure of how they function. Secondly, there does not seem to be additional builders available for purchase, you can only upgrade one building at a time. The game does have gems which can be used to speed up upgrades, finish building troops, or buy resources. The gems seem to be fairly easy to come by, you receive a gem for a successful defense, there are plenty of gem rewarding achievements, and when expanding you can come across treasure chests containing gems. Lastly, there is no clan feature, or global chat. Other than the friends list, there is no social aspect to the game.

Here is an attacking example and a bit of a stroll through the game and interface


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